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With the goal of supplying unrivalled-quality automotive batteries we have preferred to supply our clients with a battery that outperforms many other brands. This is in line with our goal of ensuring our customer has a stress free ride.

The Delkor batteries are manufactured by Johnsons Controls, the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer with over 100 years of expertise in powering your drive. Manufactured in Korea since 1985, Delkor batteries have been constantly evolving, putting innovation into you driving power. Delkor batteries are endorsed by a world leading lead-acid automotive car battery manufacturer, Clarios, formerly Power Solutions. This gives Delkor access to the most advanced technologies in automotive battery production. And with an exhaustive quality-control process conducted every two hours, we produce some of the world’s strongest batteries with ultra-high resistance against corrosion.

Mustral General Traders Limited is an Appointed Dealer of Delcor Batteries ,so that we can offer our customers a premium choice for high-end and advanced fuel-efficient vehicles with high electrical demands.

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